November 17, 2023 – Music Video Release

Today, we’re happy to release the new and long-awaited music video by Yóbaby – IF I EVER GET OUTTA HERE.

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A US Indie Arthouse Feature by Matthew O. L. Way

An American Tale of Racism that Tests the Limits of Forgiveness.

Way Film’s second feature, THE PILLOW SNAKE, is a unique high school drama set around Philadelphia, PA, to a soundtrack of gangsta rap and hip-hop. The autobiographical project by writer/director Matthew Way is currently in pre-production and is to be shot in the Spring of 2024. „THE PILLOW SNAKE“ was inspired, among other works, by Akira Kurosawa’s RASHÔMON, William Faulkner’s THE SOUND AND THE FURY, Wim Wenders‘ WINGS OF DESIRE, John Singleton’s BOYZ N THE HOOD and Larry Clark’s KIDS.

November 14, 2023 – Teaser Release

WAY FILM proudly presents the teaser for the upcoming music video

Summer of 2023 – Reaction from Our First Screenplay Competition

„THE PILLOW SNAKE is a heartbreaking story that elicits a ton of emotion, especially as there are instances where subtle humour juxtaposes the drama to enhance each other’s effect through contrast. At the same time, the story covers new narrative ground with its original setting and authentic cast, allowing it to stand out before its successful predecessors and the current competitors within the category that delve into similar subject matters. The unique technical approach contributes to this as well… The exploration of cast must not go unmentioned in this regard either.“

„All the while, the themes covered, those of friendship, coming of age, betrayal, revenge, jealousy, and love, are all universal subject matters that never fail to resonate. As a result, the story will touch many because they do not require specific trends, social climates, and an audience with a niche interest to be relatable. The work also raises awareness of gang violence and racism, which gives it substance as it discusses real-life issues that cannot be addressed enough. Overall, the project definitely contains the necessary components to offer a very entertaining and emotionally engaging experience while offering the audience something familiar yet different with its originality.“

2022 – The Shooting of IF I EVER GET OUTTA HERE in Philadelphia

In the Fall of 2022, Way Film shot the artist Yóbaby’s second music video, IF I EVER GET OUTTA HERE, in cooperation with the US company Kphat Productions LLC. The song and music video are based on the screenplay, THE PILLOW SNAKE, which is to be shot in Philadelphia and South Jersey. Starring Bineta Hansen, Jamol Manigault, and the New Hope Temple Baptist Church Choir, the video’s release is on YouTube on Nov. 17th, 2023.

For Way Film, the realization of the music video IF I EVER GET OUTTA HERE was an important step for the preparation of the planned feature film THE PILLOW SNAKE. The precursor music video was a successful proof-of-concept for possible investors as well as a cooperation with the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. We were able to establish good contacts in the Philadelphia region with actor Jamol Manigualt, casting agents Jacqueline Fulton and SJ Allocco as well as Roy Koriakin and Joe Hennigan (Kphat). Above all, we learned how the system of shooting a movie in the Philadelphia region works.

© Bastian Jentschke

2020 – Release of DON’T TOUCH THE 3RD RAIL

Way Film’s creation of music videos started with Matthew’s screenplay for THE PILLOW SNAKE. In it, the main character, Rodney Reason, rapped a song in the final sequence. Matthew had trouble writing the lyrics without music, so he contacted his friend of hip-hop and the sound designer of Matthew’s first feature, Tobias Peper. Together, they developed the song below for THE PILLOW SNAKE. Its title is DON’T TOUCH THE 3RD RAIL.

After finishing the song, they considered what a waste it was to have a song without a video – but who would rap it? In the end, for this low-budget video, it was easiest for Matthew to rap the song himself. And he that was often greeted on the German streets with “Yo, baby” earned his new pseudonym, Yóbaby, now serving as an ambassador for THE PILLOW SNAKE.

We were blown away by the video’s success with over 521,000 clicks and thought to ourselves – OK, then we’ll have to make another one some day…

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